The Surgery

"As far as the breast lift surgery is concerned, the time of the procedure varies based on the surgeon's experience and the amount of work being done."

Breast Lift Before and After

As far as the breast lift surgery is concerned, the time of the procedure varies based on the surgeon’s experience and the amount of work being done. Firstly, the breasts will be marked up with a sharpie created for surgery, denoting the proper sizes of the incisions. Markings on the right breast will not necessarily correlate with the left one, and so on and so forth. Secondly, the patient will be hooked up to the saline IV drip, while the surgeon is preparing to take her to O.R. Patients can opt for sedatives ahead of time, but even if there are no initial sedatives taken, it may only be stressful until the patient is anesthetized.

After the patient is placed on the operating table, she will be connected to an oximeter and heart monitor machine whereby all of the vitals will be closely watched. Some surgeons opt to utilize pneumatic compression sleeves to decrease the likelihood of more serious complications, namely deep venous thrombosis. There are two types of anesthesia that can be utilized: gaseous-state and the laryngeal mask airway type. Briefly, the former is often the preferred method, as the patient’s face is covered with a mask and asked to count backwards from one hundred. An endotracheal tube will then be placed down the throat in order to get to the lungs effectively. With the ladder option, a shorter tube and balloon depresses the tongue down to allow proper breathing; the balloon inflates, which blocks fluids from getting into the windpipe and seals the gas, so the gas can be placed into the lungs.

It is just about time for the breast lift procedures, but it is time now to sterilize the surgical field area, i.e., the staff will wash the torso and other vital areas with a surgical scrub and then rinse with saline gauze shortly afterward. Bacteria, fungi, and viruses are destroyed, and now the surgical procedure can commence. There are in fact several breast lift techniques included in the following list: crescent, Benelli lift, Benelli-lollipop, and the full mastopexy. After the procedure takes place, scars may appear larger at first, so the proper doctor’s advice after surgery is essential.

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