What to Expect At a Surgical Consultation?

"The goal is of course not to be merely satisfied, but to actually be enthused by the result."

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What to Expect At a Surgical Consultation?

The following are some of the events that should be expected at a breast lift consultation: firstly, the surgeon will most likely measure the breasts while in an upright position, and it does not matter if the individual is seated or standing. This may be the perfect moment for the patient to voice her desires about shape, size, etc. In addition, it is vital for the individual to ask about where the nipple will actually be located after surgery. If the surgeon is helpful, he or she will have a lot to say and will let the patient know about all of the minor and major changes that may take place in the body. By discussing all of the concerns up-front, by voicing all of expectations of the procedure, this will allow the patient to become comfortable with all that it entails. Quite possibly, after discussing at great lengths the options with the surgeon, the patient may wish to combine a breast lift procedure with either an augmentation or reduction, depending on the specifics of the situation. The goal is of course not to be merely satisfied, but to actually be enthused by the result.

It is vital while seeking consultation to log all of the information discovered on the path to finding the best surgeon. Of course there is abundant information online, and this is a great starting place, but it will not take the place of meeting the doctor face-to-face. Moreover, by gaining a list of referrals, warnings, perspectives on procedures, support, and the like, the individual is ready for viewing before and after photos; in this step of the process, it is essential to view hundreds of these types of photos, so that it will be possible to form an accurate assessment on what the better procedures are as well as those that seem to be lacking in skill and aesthetics. The next phase invites the individual to choose anywhere from three to five plastic surgeons that are board certified and schedule consultations with each of them; the easy thing to do is to not show up at their office for consultation, but the potential patient should ignore those impulses, for it is important to arrive in their environment, to soak up their workspace and then decide accordingly. Furthermore, it is effective for the potential patient to share with the surgeon her knowledge about breast lift procedures; both parties will feel more assured knowing that the specifics are laid out in front of them.

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