Beverly Hills Breast Augmentation

20 Feb

Breast augmentation is the procedure of placing implants to fulfill a woman’s desire to have fuller breasts or restore loss in breast volume after weight reduction or pregnancy. The procedure may help to increase fullness and projection of breasts, improve the figure’s balance and enhance self-image and self-confidence. Additionally, the implants may be used to reconstruct a breast after mastectomy or an injury.

The Beverly Hills breast augmentation may not correct severely drooping breasts. Sometimes, a breast lift may be performed along with breast augmentation. Both the procedures may be done at the same time or separately. The surgeon should be consulted in this regard. Being an individualized procedure, breast augmentation should be done for self and to fulfill somebody else’s desire or project any ideal image. It is a good option for those who are

  • Physically healthy
  • Having realistic expectations
  • Having fully developed breasts
  • Having breasts varying in size or shape
  • Having either one or both breasts under-developed

During Beverly Hills breast augmentation, medications may be administered either intravenous sedation or general anesthesia during the procedure. The patient may discuss incision options with the surgeon and the incisions may be made in areas making the scars less visible. After inserting the implants, the incisions may be closed with layered sutures in the breast tissue.

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