Breast Augmentation Beverly Hills – One Size Doesn’t Fit All

12 Mar

breast augmentation Beverly Hills. In case a saline implant gets ruptured for any reason, the liquid leaks and is absorbed by the body and doesn’t cause any risks.

The implants used often come in different cup sizes and the patient in consultation with the surgeon has to choose the right size. These implant sizes are to be chosen from B cup, C cup, C/D cup or D cup. The cup sizes help to determine the range of implants that will achieve the desired results. The implants are inserted into the body using incisions. Depending on the technique used, the incisions may be made at

  • Underside of breast
  • Under arm
  • Edge of areola (darkened area around nipple)
  • Belly button

A breast augmentation surgery if done correctly comes up with good results and makes a woman feel better.

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